VR headset with user and hand position sensors. Optionally You can add leg position sensors.

Google Cardboard

VR headset from Google was created as an experimental project. They promote wide availability of VR solutions.

YouTube 360

Thanks to the native support of YT for 360 films, you can transfer our productions to wide audience!


VR headset from Facebook, where we saw virtual world for the first time. They have been with our company since the DK1 version.

Samsung GearVR

Thanks to their mobility and high flexibility, you can always carry VR products with you, for example to your clients!

Facebook 360

Facebook as a huge player on the VR scene just had to support its own technology.



Most say their products are made to measure. At VRAgency.pl, we really do it!

At VRAgency.pl, we create especially for you. We will guide you through the world of virtual reality, present your projects from a new perspective, let your clients see them before they are created. We cross the boundaries and do what others consider impossible.

We provide constant support at every stage of the project – from initial planning to the finished product. We provide equipment and licensed contractors. We support organization of events and all kinds of projects technologically.

We are a group of technology enthusiasts. There are no standard tasks for us. We work with passion and we respond to your needs. Check us now!

camcoder in one shot
Eaten kebabs
GB data in one project
Virtual base on Mars

“The greatness of art is not to find what is common but what is unique.”

– Isaac Bashevis Singer


We create a digital world


Oculus Rift is a set containing: a VR helmet with screens in front of the eyes, a remote control, two hand controllers defining their position in space, a gamepad and a “lantern” that determines the position of the head in space. This kit is only an interface and must be used with a strong computer.

Samsung Gear VR

GearVR combined with Samsung Galaxy is a standalone, portable VR helmet. You can watch 360 videos with it thanks to a precise gyroscope and run simple VR applications. The limitation is the computing power of the smartphone, but with portable solutions, it’s a top one.

Google Cardboard

It’s a cardboard frame for a smartphone from Google. IT allows you to experience Virtual Reality. It is a very cheap solution when we want our customers to take VR home. But phone gyroscopes are not as precise as in GearVR.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a technology based on “AR markers” to which 3d models are “glued” – they can be static or animated. Today there are solutions where AR markers themselves are not necessary.

Perception Neuron

This system is a more affordable version of Motion Capture. Thanks to the absence of expensive cameras, this technology is cheaper and its precision does not differ from the one achieved with the MC. It is used to record actor’s movements, which are later transferred to the 3d character.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is the simplest engine to create games in a 3d environment. It is a complete set of tools that can be used to create both traditional and VR applications.

Unity 3d

UNITY like the Unreal 3d engine is for creating games in a 3d environment. It is a very popular engine with a large community of developers and plugins. Thanks to this, it is an easily affordable tool.

360 Rigs

At VRAgency.pl, we also create our own solutions. 360 rigs are cameras holders that are arranged in such a way that you can shoot around them at one time. In post-production, we are “stitching” videos from all cameras and create so-called 360 spheres, which we called 360 movies.

“Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.”

– Salvador Dali

“An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.”

– James Whistler


VRA offer

The main areas on which we focus in our company are:

360 movies

360 movies are now a more and more popular medium for showing the entire environment shot using camera sets or a single camera. That movies can be successfully placed on the site, facebook profile or Youtube.

360 movies in a 3d environment

360 movies in the 3D environment allow you to show a world that does not exist. We shoot these movies with virtual cameras.

Movies from 3d models – visualizations

3d visualization is now a standard. The next stage is films that are more and more often found on websites. People more often prefer to watch a movie than read a text.

VR applications

VR applications can be divided into two groups. Applications using 360 movies and fully interactive applications similar to today’s VR games.

AR applications

AR applications (Augmented Reality) are becoming an increasingly popular medium from year to year. Thanks to this technology, we can bring objects to the customers form 3D models to his mobile devices.

Apps for Internet of Things

IoT is the easiest way to compare it to a smartphone. A “today’s phone” which is not connected to the Internet is surprisingly only for calling :).

Live Stream & Timelaps

Live Stream is a popular service that allows real-time image sharing from any location with Internet access.


Areas where we focus on: websites, e-commerce, web applications, CRM systems, solutions for corporations and solutions for shopping malls.

Thinking about you, we have prepared a simple and convenient application presenting the offer of VRAgency.

Download the app to see how you can tell stories and sell in an interesting way.

Step 1

Scan the QR code using a mobile device (iOS or Android) to install an application presenting our company’s offer in augmented reality.


Step 2

Launch the Application and point the camera of the mobile device at the AR marker below.

Krok 1

Install the application presenting the offer of our company in augmented reality.

Krok 2

Start the application and point the device at the AR marker. You can display this marker on your computer monitor, print it, or display it on another mobile device.

You can also print our AR marker.

If you don’t want to download the application, you can view our offer in a traditional form.


We build relationships

We are proud to cooperate with

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